Stroud Massage Treatments

The Garden Room offers a range of massage based treatments in welcoming and comfortable surroundings, in Thrupp, Stroud.

Massage Therapy & Treatments

Massage is the manipulation of soft body tissues against bone or muscles on which they lie and the effect is to enhance a person’s health and well-being.    The movements used include effleurage, a sweeping movement, which soothes and relaxes; petrissage, a kneading/wringing motion, which aids toning and eases tense muscles: tapotement, a stimulating action based on pounding/beating movements and vibrations, which are trembling movements that stimulate nerves and relieve pain.  These movements can be tailored to personal preferences and needs, to be as relaxing or stimulating as required.

Before we start your treatment, we will discuss what you are looking for from your massage, whether it be general relaxation or to target a tense or painful area and tailor your treatment to incorporate some or all of these methods.

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Massage Treatments by the Garden Room

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