A key international awareness day on the global health calendar, World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February to unite the world in the fight against cancer, under the one banner. The Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year through education, raising awareness and by pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action.

The 2016-2018 World Cancer Day theme is: ‘We can. I can.’.  The theme explores how everyone – as a collective or as individuals – can do their part and take concrete actions to reduce the global burden of cancer. We encourage you to reflect on, use, communicate and promote the ‘We can. I can’ theme whenever you can.



The Garden Room is delighted to offer treatments to clients living with cancer, after receiving training by the charity Amethyst Trust.  This training is approved by the industry standard Habia and endorsed by Penny Brohn UK, a charity that provides free integrative care to everyone affected by cancer, using their Bristol Whole Life approach.

There is a plethora of myths surrounding whether massage is safe whilst undergoing cancer treatment and the reality is that it is perfectly safe if adaptations are made. An initial consultation will establish your needs and we will endeavour to adapt treatments to ensure comfort, dignity and confidence.

The Garden Room is able to offer the “Comfy Client” cushion system, an interlocking memory foam cushioning system, which provides added comfort and support to those feeling tender, have mobility issues or those who may have scars.

We are delighted to offer cancer massage treatments that may previously have been refused or only provided if written consent from a doctor had been obtained.

The last thing you want to happen, when seeking out a massage is to be refused or for it to become difficult to arrange. You just want to be treated like any other client, in the knowledge that you are in safe, understanding hands and in comfortable, welcoming and unhurried surroundings, supporting the “We can. I can.” theme of World Cancer Day.