From Wednesday 21st March, I will be offering treatments at the Nailsworth Natural Health Clinic, weekly on a Wednesday morning.  The treatments available there are:

Swedish Massage – Promotes a deep feeling of relaxation or, by using varying techniques, provides an energising and invigorating experience; the choice is yours.

Full body, including face & scalp (1 hour)      £40

Back, neck & shoulders (30 minutes)             £25 

Blended Aromatherapy Massage – Based on Swedish massage with added stimulation of the pressure points to encourage energy flow. A choice of oil blends to suit your individual needs is offered.

Full body, including face and scalp (1 hour)   £45

Back, neck & shoulders (30 minutes)             £30 

Indian Head Massage – A deep massage, focusing on your head, neck, shoulders and arms, using a variety of pressures and techniques that tap into your seven “’chakras” or paths of energy and encourages healing and balance in your whole body.

Full treatment (45 minutes)                              £35

Scalp only (30 minutes)                                   £20 

Scalp and Face Massage – A pressure point facial and scalp massage will help improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, ease sinus problems and is wonderfully relaxing

30 minutes                                                       £20 

Reiki – Japanese for universal life force, describing the natural energy all around and within us, which may be directed to treat mind, body and soul. Helps restore physical and emotional balance and promotes a feeling of well-being.

Full body (1 hour)                                           £40

Targeted treatments (30 minutes)                 £20

All treatments listed on the website will continue to be offered at the Garden Room.

Appointments for Nailsworth may be booked directly with them by calling: 01453 836066 and more information about the clinic may be found on their website: