The Garden Room Is On The Move!

After just over four years in Slad Road…..and what a four years they have been!…….The Garden Room is relocating to Thrupp.

OK, so when I had the bright idea of completely changing my career path, retraining and opening my own business, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  Life chucked a whole load of the proverbial my way and that was before Covid 19 hit!!   What is the saying?  “What doesn’t break you makes you stronger”………so when I found out that I had to leave my lovely treatment room in Pine Cottage, I had a decision to make.  Do I really want to go through setting up premises from scratch again…..oh yes!!

Having spent the last month or so paint brush in hand, loading up the car with my “work home” belongings and finally seeing the place being gutted (me too!), my new work space is almost ready.

It’s not quite photo ready…pictures will follow.

I am opening on Monday 8th November and have appointments available from the following week. 

Thank you all for supporting me in Slad Road and I hope to see you soon in Thrupp. 

Sara x