Baobab Foot Bath

Taking a foot bath is a very comforting form of water therapy that will help you to unwind and recharge your feet and legs after a busy day. Whilst a warm foot bath is wonderfully relaxing in its own right, the effect is greatly intensified when you add bath salts and herbs to the water. When Baobab Foot Bath Salt is added, it not only cleanses but also offers an overall relaxing and rejuvenating experience. In the warm bath water, the bath salt releases vital minerals and active plant constituents, which helps to:

  • soothe and revive tired, achy feet leaving them refreshed and revitalized
  • open pores and remove dead, dry skin cells on the surface of the skin
  • dry up sweaty feet and neutralize unpleasant foot odours
  • warm your feet and improve circulation
  • ease stress and strain, restoring harmony to your feet and legs

It also smells wonderful!


Baobab foot bath salts contain a balanced combination of revitalizing mineral salts, marine algae, green clay and herbal extracts as their principle ingredients. The salts of the Dead Sea, marine algae and green clay replenish the tissues with vital minerals and trace elements while they flush out toxins, invigorate the skin tissues and relax muscles. The African Baobab tree, sage, and myrtle contain potent nutrients that restore a healthy skin environ and reduce the risk of getting athlete’s foot, excessive sweating and foot odour.

The Treatment

During this seated treatment, your feet are soaked in warm water containing the Baobab salts, whilst your legs are cocooned in warm towels.  Whilst your feet are soaking, you can either sit back and relax or enjoy a complimentary 10 minute scalp or hand massage.  After 20 minutes, your feet are dried and Baobab Foot Lotion massaged into your feet, leaving them revitalised and refreshed.

Treatment time – 35 minutes

Offer Price – £20