Hello Everyone,

Sadly, the Garden Room remains closed. 

Below is a statement from Babtac, my professional body and insurer.  Due to the vagueness of the statement made by the Prime Minister last night, more clarity is being sought before I am able to give any indication of when I am able to reopen.

I am missing you all and would like to thank those who have been in touch; your support is very much appreciated.  I will be in contact again when I know more.

Take good care and be alert…….whatever that means??!!

Sara xx

From Babtac 10/05/2020

“Dear Members,

While we really do appreciate how difficult this time is for our members and the urgency to return to work, we ask for extreme caution interpreting the Prime Minister’s speech this evening before more comprehensive details are published. We have already requested urgent clarity from government on the very broad statements given.

While there was reference to some returning to work for those who can’t work from home, there was also more specific details of only allowing some hospitality businesses to return during Step 3 (July) and ONLY then if subject to all conditions and providing social distancing can be met.

As our industry remains one which cannot maintain these social distancing rules we advise our members to await further clarity from government on exactly who may return to work and when.

 We are seeking these details for members urgently and will provide more information soon.”